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Duluth, MN


KB Designs, LLC is one of the oldest and premier decorative painting contractor and Venetian plaster business in Minnesota. Faux finishes for walls, Italian plasters, countertop overlay, cabinet refinishing, decorative floors and walls. Residential, Commercial, Hospitality.


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Featured in National Magazine

Kathy Boyd

Such an honor to have been featured in the Where Woman Create magazine.

4th Annual ArtFusion

Kathy Boyd

Had the best ArtFusion Event yet! This 4th one was held in Estes Park, Colorado.

ArtFusion Event 2016

Kathy Boyd

A unique Artists event featuring workshops, educational symposiums, demonstrations, and displays. Some fun extras include an artist’s rummage sale, live music, Fauxtini party and competitions.

This event is for the professional and aspiring Decorative Painter and Artist to celebrate our industry, explore the latest products, tools and trends, while meeting others in the industry and forming great connections and friendships. 

Enjoy workshops in Decorative Painting, Mural, Mixed Media, Decorative Concrete, Encaustics, and more with instructors from all over the world.

Cabinet Refinishing and Painting

Kathy Boyd

We love breathing new life into your kitchen cabinets whether they are painted, stained or we give them a custom finish.  You can save thousands of dollars by having your existing cabinets refinished, so don't replace them!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Will the wood grain show through?

It can depending on the type of wood.  We do have products that can mask the grain fairly well if this is a concern.

Where are the cabinet doors refinished and do you remove the cabinet doors to paint them?

Depending on space, whether it is determined that the cabinets are hand or spray painted, the work could be done on site or in our studio.

We do not take responsibility for removing or hanging the cabinets doors.  If you are not able to do so yourself, we can recommend a handyman to do this for you.  All doors and drawers should be numbered so they are put back in their proper space.

What materials do you use?

We use only the highest quality products available.  They are more expensive then some of the typical products you find in your local hardware store, but they are of much better quality.

How much does it cost?

You can figure an average of $75 per door or opening.  The price can go up depending on the type of finish, and size of cabinet doors and/or opening.

Does the estimate include the materials?


Do the products smell?

Most are low in VOC and have minimal to no odor.

What is your process?

Depends on the chosen finish, but they all get the same preparation.  Cleaned and scrubbed down, sanded, scrubbed again to get off any residue, typically two layers of a high quality primer sanded between coats, the base coat in two coats, any glaze or embellishments, and two coats of a high quality topcoat and sealer.


Countertop replace or refinish?

Kathy Boyd

If the kitchen countertops in your home are old and worn, you may be wondering what to do with them. The debate about the cost of refinishing countertops versus tearing them out and replacing them with new granite or quartz countertops is never-ending, so let us give you some answers.

The process of restoration is short, (1 - 3 days depending on the type of countertop finish you choose.) the cost is extremely affordable, (You can save 30% - 70% over replacement.) and the results are unbelievable!  

Unlimited styles, colors and other options to choose from.